Haastatteluvinkki Vanessa Grigoriadikselta

Jonah Weinerin The Writearound -sarjasta:

VG: I don’t have strategies like she does. She’s amazing in terms of, like, going on eBay and checking out how much a locket of Justin Bieber’s hair goes for and presenting this to him as a shiny bauble for him to consider and getting him super excited, so that his narcissistic tendencies flare up – that’s a very good idea. I almost can’t bring myself to prostate myself in front of these people in that way.

I’m a big believer of getting in a car with someone. I think it’s great to see what kind of driver they are, that’s helpful, and it’s a distraction, so they’re not as focused on telling you the same answers. The best thing with any story is going to someone’s home. People are most comfortable at home, and there’s all this stuff there to ask them about.

I ask personal questions. A lot of questions about childhood. I’ll ask things like what time of day do you get up. What’s the first thing you did this morning? What color are your sheets? What did you eat? A writer like Erik Hedegaard has all these questions up his sleeve and you can see them working in his pieces. He doesn’t ask for a lot of access, he just has such a good line of questioning that he can make something out of, you know, a boring lunch interview.


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