Al Jazeera American huumorintaju loppui

Al Jazeera America, joka lopettaa toimintansa parin kuukauden päästä, julkaisi sivuillaan parodia-Jeff Jarvisin (@profjeffjarvis) listauksen tämän vuoden kuudesta innovatiivisimmasta mediastartupista.

Paitsi että kun seuraat tuota linkkiä nyt, päädyt melkein tyhjälle sivulle, jossa on aneeminen anteeksipyyntö:

Editor’s note: Al Jazeera America has removed the satirical piece originally posted on this link, which included commentary on our company that we believe was not appropriate given its imminent closure. Our goal in the closing stages of AJAM online and on TV is to honor the exceptional journalism and journalists that distinguished our brand, to maintain the respect that we have always shown to those we have covered since our launch, and to uphold our promise to deliver the highest quality journalism to our readers until the very last. We believe the satirical piece originally at this link failed to live up to these goals. We offer our apologies to our readers and to our staff.

Alkuperäinen juttu löytyy onneksi Internet Archivesta ja se kannattaa ehdottomasti lukea. Sitaatteja:

  • I’m excited to see the New New The New Republic, and hope they re-embrace Walter Lippmann’s original mission of nextifying the bewildered herd using hot takes.
  • Another VC-backed startup, Bay Area-based Pando Daily (affectionately referred to simply as “Pando,” meaning, in Sanskrit, “We are the world, and we are the children”)
  • By jumping directly to a post-text paradigm, [Fusion] handily bypasses tired legacy approaches such as pageviews, engagement and visitor numbers. Instead, it measures its audience using the new microgodin system: a combination of Klout plus a “secret sauce” algorithm known only inside the company.
  • Time will tell whether this gambit succeeds, but I certainly applaud the Qataris for ignoring the naysayers and running straight through the wall. [Al Jazeera America is] Definitely the top one to watch in 2016.

Ai että.


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