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Piipahdan tänään ensimmäisessä pohjoismaisessa innovaatiojournalismiseminaarissa. Ajan hengen mukaisesti tapahtumasta raportoidaan Twitterissä ja minun aiheeseen liittyvät tweettaukseni löytää hakemalla #innojo from:osulop.

Edit: tweetit alla

osulop: The journalist is satisfied with finding a problem and reporting it & maybe more value in also trying to fix it? #innojo

osulop: Bleedin’ Danes, why is everything better over there? #innojo

osulop: One Danish model: find problems, report on them & then fix em. Anybody find a reference for this? #innojo

osulop: The New Long Journalism RT @kgbcomm: my book, for free (expand) #innojo

osulop: Once again talk of how journalism has to turn multi-disciplinary to connect the lawyers with the engineers etc #innojo

osulop: The fall of science news was its narrow view of what’s newsworthy. #innojo

osulop: Environmental journalism has assimilated into a part of pretty much all journalism – same could happen with #innojo ?

osulop: If we had different measures (like amount of local coverage) apart from circulation or viewership, journos might make better news #innojo

osulop: Luoma-aho: fear of failure in entrepreneurial culture here in Finland. Lindén: journalism is risk averse, too #innojo

osulop: Partanen: In terms of journalistic culture the US don’t need more optimistic stories, Finland does. #innojo

osulop: Alkio: If Helsingin Sanomat only writes about 1 startup / month, it’s gonna create huge PR. (So more coverage needed?) #innojo

osulop: Partanen: maybe it ain’t as global as you’d think, cos culture has a big effect on what people find normal&innovative #innojo

osulop: Lindén: What about bad innovations? Case DDT – worked perfectly in the beginning, then turned foul #innojo

osulop: Carl-Gustav Lindén: What’s the value journalists bring to the society nowadays, as everybody can aggregate information? #innojo

osulop: Arctic Startup & Digitoday got a shoutout from Jyrki Alkio … as being the only players #innojo

osulop: Partanen: ”protecting your integrity as a journalist can be tricky” ie. how to be a knowledgeable insider #innojo

osulop: Partanen: Therefore the job of a journo is to look for solutions. ”It can be an uplifting experience” #innojo

osulop: Anu Partanen’s definition of innovation journalosm = describing solutions #innojo

osulop: What’s a good innojourno to do? Translate ideas, be literate in their field, critically optimistic (ie. allowing failure) #innojo

osulop: 3 kinds of innovation: Incremental, orthogonal (old stuff used in new ways), disruptive #innojo

osulop: Kunelius: Should innovation journalism be detached from the innovation system, a cheerleader or what? #innojo

osulop: Mr Kunelius is v critical of the whole ”innovation will save us (poor Finns)” shebang #innojo

osulop: Innovation economy is global, so reporting on it requires a grasp of local + global affairs #innojo

osulop: Therefore ppl working w/generating attention are the ones keeping the machine running (journos, pr, marketing, lobbying) #innojo

osulop: If innovation is about fighting for attention, then the media can work as a power broker -> amplifying attention #innojo

osulop: Product cycles are shortening: 90% of Intel’s profits = products released <12 months ago #innojo

osulop: Democratic System: power is with citizens' votes. Innovation System: power is with citizens' money. #innojo

osulop: Innovation journalism was practiced before the phrase existed #innojo


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